The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. However, the exploitation of some of its resources (mining , forestry, agriculture , etc.) endangers the preservation of its ecosystem. That is why it is necessary for environmental awareness, without it, the conservation of these resources is not assured.
In a previous project in 2011, teaching materials were designed and workshops in schools were made. Through the activities and exhibitions, children understood concepts related to the environment and its conservation. They learned things as the carbon cycle , global warming , recycling , biodiversity, etc. .

This project had the participation of PUCP and exchange students to develop workshops and teaching materials to form an environmental awareness in children from the Amazon. These workshops had activities that motivated children to participate in activities to build new knowledge related to the environment. It had effects on their lives and awareness of the importance of environmental conservation were achieved.
The think tank was in Lima and Madre de Dios where strategies that can be applied to children anywhere in the Amazon were developed. Materials , educational kits , presentations and manuals that were used during the workshops.
It was expected that on completion of the workshops, the children understand how the environment influences the lives of all people in the community and why it is important to preserve it. In this way children will be environmentally conscious in the future and they may lead the community and make decisions taking into account the effects on the environment.